MBS Highway’s Acquisition of ListReports Culminates in Creation of New Parent Brand, Highway

The combined expertise of MBS Highway, ListReports and Certified Mortgage Advisor makes Highway the leading software and market insights solution for residential mortgage and real estate professionals.

June 07, 2023 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

HOLMDEL, N.J.–MBS Highway, ListReports and Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA) are thrilled to announce their union under the new parent brand, Highway. This exciting step reflects our products’ combined mission to provide every mortgage and real estate professional with the best technology and expert guidance to close more deals by helping their clients make the right decisions.

The Highway name is significant because it reflects our history while also representing the path forward we are paving for the industry. Speaking at the Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas, Highway’s CEO and Founder, Barry Habib, explained, “In a market where there is uncertainty and doubt, the formation of Highway is providing stability and solutions for mortgage and real estate professionals. As market conditions continue to shift, our team is nimble and eager to release new products and make enhancements to our services.”

In that vein, we are excited to announce Agent Intel Connect, a new product specifically designed to help our subscribers increase their impact by protecting existing relationships and creating new referral opportunities. Using Agent Intel Connect, a subscriber can send a text message with an agent’s name to quickly receive critical insights and provide immediate actions to build or strengthen a rapport.

“Agent Intel Connect utilizes our patent-pending software to help customers in certain markets immediately understand the impact of a real estate agent in their geographic sphere via production stats, transaction history, and more. They are then given options of various tools like marketing kits, real estate report cards, and financial calculators to instantly engage with these referral partners,” said Randy Shiozaki, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer.

Highway is founded on the belief that homeownership is critical for helping individuals and families build wealth. Our products, insights, and services are crucial components that work together to help mortgage and real estate professionals better serve their customers and help them achieve the dream of homeownership. “Our subscribers are thrilled that our ability to now offer an even more robust product suite gives them the edge they need to be successful – especially in today’s volatile market,” added Dan Habib, Chief Revenue Officer.

While Highway is now the parent company, we will continue to use the well-known brands of MBS Highway, ListReports, and Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA) to distinguish the unique portfolio.

  • MBS Highway provides market insights and financial tools that help professionals gain more leads, close more loans, and become a trusted advisor and respected referral partner.
  • ListReports streamlines professionals’ workload and strengthens their pipeline with automated marketing content and agent activity notifications to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Certified Mortgage Advisor levels up professionals’ expertise and deepens their understanding of the economy and mortgage market by providing a well-respected certification.

About Highway

Highway is a high-growth, data-driven software company that is the most prominent sales solution in the residential mortgage and real estate industries. Our expertise – including award-winning market alerts and forecasts, data-powered tools, and patent-pending agent and competitor production data – provides professionals with the advantage they need to win more revenue opportunities.


Megan Anderson
VP of Client Relations