Our Core Values


We are kind, ethical, honest, respectful, and courageously forthright in everything we do. We demonstrate personal authenticity, sincerity, and consistency across social and organizational settings. We are coachable, intentionally vulnerable, open to new ideas, and we learn from our mistakes.



We aspire to excellence in investing and in our operations. We attract and retain highly capable, discerning, agile, curious, resilient, and collaborative people and invest in their continuous learning and development. Clear, merit-based incentives align individual interests and impact with firm success.


We are continuous learners who respectfully and persistently question the status quo. We are self-motivated and thrive on the freedom to think and to act. We seek diversity in situations, people, and information rather than sameness.



We have unwavering commitment to our investors, our management teams, our communities, and each other. We treat all stakeholders with respect, fairness, and compassion. We value alignment, trust, and connection.


We support and empower one another, and factor the common good into all decision making. We expect the best from each other and inspire each other to achieve more collectively than we could individually.

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